Wow! This has been a fantastic summer so far for the the band.  We just got back from the Trout Forest Music Festival, in Ear Falls Ontario.  Big love to all of the performers, volunteers and staff out there for making our first trip such a wonderful experience.  I have to start off with the FOOD!  Pulled pork sandwiches at midnight around the campfire, butter tarts and peanut butter chocolate squares at EVERY MEAL, smoked turkey, smoked chicken, delicious salads and all served with a smile and made with love.  The food alone is enough to make us want to come back.

We started the festival with a rainy parade led by Al Simmons on his trusty bike/horse clip clop, and it was the perfect way to begin the weekend.  Our workshop on Saturday with Jarvis Church and Soul Station was SOOOOOOO fun.  Man, those guys can sing, and they were really fun to share the stage with.  True professionals!  Our main stage set playing to all of the people on land and in the water was the highlight of the weekend for us.  The family environment at the festival was really great.  All the guys brought their kids and spouses out to camp, ride bikes, swim in the river and eat smores.  

 Al and Clip Clop

Al and Clip Clop


Along with Hollerin' Pines, Andrew Neville,  Kieran West and His Buffalo Band, Erenberg , Inman, McKillop and The Mushroom Cowboy, Jamie Buckboro and Claire Morrison we were blessed to be Camp Ground Minstrels.  We started off by playing to the campers on Wednesday at 7am(!).  Other highlights of the festival for us included a couple of late night parades (with light up horns!!!)  through the festival campground, and a knock down, drag em' out sweaty set at 2am in the Times Change(d) tent on Saturday night.  It was also the first year for Dirty Catfish Brass Land, the new name for our folk fest site, complete with trombone bell tiki torches:)


We had three great sets at the Cube in the Exchange District this summer as well.  Our Winnipeg Jazz Festival set always feels like a kickoff to the summer in the city, and this year's show was very memorable.  There was a HUGE crowd due to all of the FIFA Women's World Cup fans in the city.  It felt great to play for the tourists and show them what Winnipeg is really like in the summer.  We were back at the cube for a noon hour set for the Kids Fringe, which was super fun!  Shout out to our host Captain Braggadocio!  We love to get all of the day campers in their different coloured shirts competing to see who can dance the most.  Everyone wins that contest.  We performed a second set at the Fringe Festival for the "grown ups" on Saturday night.   The vibe in the exchange district in the summer is the best.  Beer definitely tastes better when you can drink it outside:)


We've got our sights set on The Harvest Moon Music Festival in September.  We have a set on the Saturday evening before the Bros. Landreth, and then the two bands will be joining forces to close out the evening with The Hot and Dirty Dance Party.  For those of you that didn't see this spectacle back in the spring, let me paint a picture for you.  16 musicians, 2 bands, 1 set of the best funk and soul music including Tower of Power, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five. 

For you Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans, we've been playing all of the home games again this year. It's so great to be a part of the community that loves and supports the Blue and Gold.  Hopefully a late playoff push, and a healthy Drew Willy will see us hoisting the Grey Cup at home this year!!!!!!

Stay tuned for some more videos too.  We've had great responses to 3 of our newer videos: Shake it Off, Electric Lady and Countershot, and we've got more left to release this month.  Check them out on our YouTube channel here: DCBB ON YOUTUBE

As always, keep an eye out for us at our favourite busking spot on the corner of River and Osborne.  We'll be playing outside until the ice and snow drive us back indoors.  

See ya soon!